Best Hold’em Sites

Texas Hold’em is definitely the most popular form of poker. The game is easy to learn and it offers masses of variations. Unlike land-based casinos, internet poker rooms offer stakes that will suit all finances. Here are the best sites to play the game.

  1. Party Poker gives you a great welcome bonus of 100% up to £250. There are great opportunities to play in WPT and Dusk til Dawn tournaments; they have rotating and seasonal promotions with both download and instant play options available.
  2. 888Casino has a very generous bonus of 100% up to £500 plus £20 no deposit. It was awarded Digital Operator of the Year by the Global Gaming Awards. The site has great customer service and you can join a game quickly and easily with their Quick Seat option.
  3. Sky Poker offers an impressive 200% bonus up to £500 plus £10 no deposit. When you sign up you receive £10 in tourney tokens. There are a number of fun tourneys to participate in with up to £5,000 prizes.
  4. Bet365 offers a decent bonus of 100% up to £85; however, you can start your gambling straight away with £5 worth of tokens awarded. You can join the exclusive Beginner’s Cash Tables to learn the ropes. It also has amazing graphics and updated software.
  5. Poker Stars offers a very impressive bonus of 100% up to £400. As well as this, it has the biggest and arguably the best online poker room. You can play games for real cash, whatever your budget is like and the customer service is top quality.

Texas Hold’em Strategies

If you’re new to the world of Texas Hold’em, but want to get going and start making your mark on the scene, then here are the top strategies and tips that you need to pay attention to. These will increase your winning potential:
There are really 5 key strategic areas to focus on when you play the Texas Hold’em games for cash. These aren’t necessarily the same tips as for tournaments though…

    • Firstly, start with opening hands. The hands that you pick to go into the battle with are incredibly important. However, they are only the first part of the game. Position is a huge factor when it comes to you deciding which hands to play first. The general rule is that you can widen your starting hand range the closer you get to the button.

Also, consider the number of players in a hand. The hand can have significantly less value against 1 player than against 5. However, the hand can have greater bluffing value because you only need to convince one player you have a great hand. Pick your hand based on not only its strength but on how that hand can make you money in any situation. You need to understand how the hand will make you money after the flop. If you don’t, you are playing blind. Not good.

    • Bet sizing with confidence is important. In No Limit cash games, you can bet on what you have in front of you, which is what can cause problems.

Bet sizing pre-flop – If the standard pre-flop raise is 2.5xBB, as a beginner, this is the stance you should take.
Bet sizing post flop – if you were a raiser pre-flop, a c-bet is vital. You should size this bet between 50% and 70% of the pot. You want your opponents to think you have them beat. Therefore, if you bet too small then you could end up facing a re-raise or check-raise. However, if you bet too big, you could find yourself committed to a hand that is probably going to lose.
Bet Sizing bluffs – If you want to bluff in a £25 pot, and you are under the impression that your opponent would fold bet around £20. If you bet £25 then you could be in trouble if you’re wrong and your opponent decides to call – or come over the top.

  • No Limping. The best online players tend to open raise as soon as they enter the pot. If another player has open raised, they will either call the raise, 3/ the bet or fold. If you limp in a late position you’re giving the blinds a pass to see the flop cheaply with mediocre hands.
  • Know when to fold – Hold’em is as much about the bets you save as the bets you make. This means you have to know when to fold. Many reason a bad poker player is so bad is because they don’t know when to quit.
  • Use position. Having position over your opponent is one of the best advantages to have. When you have position you can see them act before making your decision. You can also widen your starting hand ranges in position and you can use position to play hands more profitable post-flop.

Get playing Hold’em

So, there you have it. You have the best places to play the game on line and you have beginner’s strategy tips. What are you waiting for? Join the likes of Bryn Kenny and start on your road to Hold’em success.